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This is our distributed datacenter

Our datacenter is spread over multiple physical locations in the Amsterdam region, and are joined together using super-fast glass-fiber connections. 

By keeping short distances short and maintaining fast switches; we easily meet, and exceed, all requirements for most applications.

You cannot easily move your existing deployment? No worries! our architecture is great for multi-cloud! Move your energy-hungry and expensive workloads to the more sustainable option.

GreenEdge Distributed Datacenter

A Truly Green Cloud

These numbers are based on freely available numbers on coal energy, green energy (wind), and substitution of natural gas. Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is estimated at 1.4 for AWS and 1.2 for a high performance green datacenter. 

4% of our global energy consumption today is as a result of our IT equipment, and this is expected to grow to over 14% by 2035

Green Edge doesn’t just use green energy, we re-use our waste-heat to substitute the use of fossil-fuel! 


Our Cloud Platform is suitable for a wide variety of use-cases including: