Green Edge's distributed cloud infrastructure meets (and exceeds) your expectations

Cloud Native Ready

The Green Edge platform is based on OpenStack and completely programmable. This allows developers to use existing tooling with popular tools such as Terraform, Rancher, Docker Machine, Pulumi etcetera.

Our cloud is particularly suited well for all your Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads.

First-Class support for multi-cloud and hybrid

  • Secure connections. By leveraging direct, private connections between Green Edge and other public clouds your traffic never passes over the public internet. This also allows advanced network and routing topologies.
  • Low latency, high-bandwidth, and reliable connections between your services running on our infrastructure and services for which you depend on in other clouds.
  • Reduced Egress costs. Making a direct connection can save you up to 80% of the egress costs (a major public cloud lock-in)
  • Private peering to your datacenter. We can offer connections to almost any colocation facility in the Netherlands, even for periods as short as a few days. Great for when you have a lot of data.


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