Unique energy preserving energy life-cycle.

In short We use energy twiceOnce to power our servers, and once to substitute the use of fossil fuel for heating.

In a normal datacenter the life-cycle looks like this:
Electricity comes in from the grid and the servers turn this into warm air ~30 °C. Fans move this to airconditioning systems. And these then use additional electricity (30% for high-efficiency datacenters) to cool the air inside, and heat the air outside..

In our system the life-cycle looks like this:
Green electricity comes in from the grid and our servers then turn this into 60° C hot water. This hot water is stored in a water tank (boiler) for immediate or later use. The hot water (heat) is then used to substitute heating from other sources (typically natural gas). 


Hardware optimized for cooling at high temperature

Our unique hardware design utilizes direct liquid cooling,  which allows us to capture the heat of our servers and produce hot water up to 60° Celsius. In comparison, conventional air-based cooling systems emit hot air of up to around 30 °C.

60 °C water is useful for many things such as space heating, water heating, taking a shower, washing, and many types of processes big and large. Because we generate this heat close to where it is needed, transport costs (losses) are further minimized.

Unbeatable Sustainability​

We do not need to use land surface, build a large structure, or install and run expensive generators and air chillers. As a result, we reduced CO2-equivalent life-cycle emissions to levels even a green datacenter on Iceland supplying heat to surrounding buildings cannot beat!

Possibly you can host one of these! -- And save Euro's

We are looking for good locations to install our edge servers. If you manage or know about a great location please get in touch! For us an ideal location: 

  • Currently uses electric or fossil energy to heat something useful (e.g. water, showers, space)
  • Has a need of heat year-round, or at least most of the year (does not need to be continuous)
  • Can offer some lockable space in the vicinity of where the heat is used
  • In the vicinity of our infrastructure. We’re starting in the Amsterdam region, but are already looking for our second region! 

Some examples that we have in mind (but this is by no means an exclusive list):

  • Hotels 
  • Apartment buildings (three units or more)
  • Swimming pools
  • Facilities for cleaning and washing
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